~ Training Our Daughters To Be Keepers At Home ~

~  I have been looking for books to use in teaching my daughters Faith and Hope about all the aspects of being A Keeper at Home. The above was highly recommended to me to use in doing so.  I looked for this and I really would like to buy someones used copy and not a new copy.

I have over the years recieved many great Magazines which I no longer get, not that I don’t want to get them, just currently cannot afford them.

~ Keepers At Home , Sugarcreek Ohio

~ Coming Home Journal , TN out of print , I have issues from before the Ekstein family took that over.

~ Women of Simplicity , PA Peggy Hostetlers Newsletter for women seeking to live a simple and godly lifestyle.

~ Sarahs Promise , also out of print I believe.

~ New Harvest Homestead, out of print , Lisa Vitello

~ An Encouraging Word , I have issues from before Homeschool Digest took that over.

and others…

I have saved many of them and I have copied pages of many that I thought applied to our lives here at home and I will draw lessons from what I have and add to that from other books and even old letters I have recieved in the past from other godly women.   I so miss the days of getting real and godly letters from sisters who were trying hard to encourage eachother in a walk of holiness.   Along my walk and way, I met a few sisters who were like minded with our stance on not keeping any pagan holidays ( We don’t judge anyone who does, we were once there ourselves, nor do we think that others will change for us. )  I Linda was raised this way since a girl of age 11, also raised to wear modest apparel and wear a head-covering on Lord’s Day in the Baptist church .  Yes my parents were Sunday worshipers   Mark and I believe that Sabbath will always be on Saturday , which is a sign between God and his Chosen ones.  We fully believe that we should worship the Lord Jesus, Yeshua everyday !  He alone deserves our daily praise and fellowship in prayer and lifestyle.   We choose to live a homestead, country lifestyle, wishing to provide food for ourselves and for others.  We want our children to live a simple God Yahweh fearing life that is pleasing to Him.  We want to instruct them in righteousness  and in the basics of life, so that someday they might be able to serve Him and Others.   We want them to be fully capable of growing up and caring for their own families someday.

All my children will learn to clean, cook, bake, sew, crochet (yes my boys can do this too.) Mend clothing, basic plumbing , electrical and construction skills. We  want them to also enjoy Music, Appreciate Art that is wholesome and uplifting and godly.

We are seeking likeminded fellow with other believers who Homeschool and who either have a fellowship or a home fellowship. I would love to have Sisters to write to and fellowship with ( If you wish to have a sister to write, email me @ faithfulacres7@gmail.com and if email is ever not available hopefully I will already have your mailing address to write to you at.

We fully believe that we are in the Last Days , the time is short and we watch for Jesus Yeshua’s return daily.



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One Response to ~ Training Our Daughters To Be Keepers At Home ~

  1. Debbi says:

    Very well said Linda.

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