I like this blog alot and another good reason to change the name, I didn’t know that someone was already using it. I was using Faithful Acres Farm before anyone took to using that also, but others do use that name too. We started using it in 2001

Peaceful Acres

There are probably two people who have influenced my becoming an artful homemaker. One is the wife of the late Francis Schaeffer.The other is Tasha Tudor. Tasha died Wednesday, June 18th at her home in Vermont. She was 92.

Tasha lived an inspiring life. One that emphasized simplicity and reflected that of times gone by. She also was an illustrator for “Little Women” and “The Secret Garden” as well as many other books.

My knitted shawl hangs over our GGma’s childhood rocker that her Pa built for her on her 12th birthday in 1914. It reminds me daily of Tasha and the simpler life. Every winter I wrap my shawl around my shoulders and am transported back to the days that were slower. When time was spent baking bread, cooking a pot of stew, tending a garden, knitting by the fire, weaving cloth to sew, picking berries to…

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