The Simple Woman’s Daybook


Outside my window… The river is flowing peacefully by.

I am thinking… That it’s wonderful to have sweet Sisters, like Peggy !

I am thankful… for God’s Grace and Salvation poured out to me in Love !

In the kitchen…  Steak, Onions and Potatoes are frying !

I am wearing… Denium and Pink !

I am creating…  well recreating my blog , that I have neglected since facebook came to be…

I am going… Later to town to get some needed food things and visit the local library for some dvds.

I am wondering… If I will ever get the house totally clean and organized with three little ones !

I am reading… Sheparding Your Child’s Heart… Ted Trip and other books that I am reviewing !

I am hoping…  We can find a home in the country again soon…not that this isn’t country, but my heart would like a house instead of a small trailer.  I so miss a country farmhouse and wood heat….

I am looking forward to…  Heaven one day !

I am learning…  To be patient and loving even if I don’t feel good about things at times.

Around the house…  I have tried to hang my homey things and make this more homey to me.

I am pondering…  How much I wish we could just move back to our old house… 

A favorite quote for today…  ” Suck it up cupcake ! “

One of my favorite things…  Ja makin me crazy coffee from Masters Touch in Dundee NY

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Cleaning, Organizing, readying for teaching the children this year.

A peek into my day…   Later we will go and sit by the river out in the backyard and enjoy the peace there.  Its good to sit and think or not thing when one has so much on their mind.


About Faithful Acres Body Soul Spirit

Born Again, Wife, Mamma, Grandmamma, Author, Artist, Life and Health Coach
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One Response to The Simple Woman’s Daybook

  1. Karen says:

    That's a beautiful photo! Can you see that from your window?We live in a house with wood heat, not exactly in the country, but in a small town. But it is a mixed blessing. Lovely and warm in the winter–but very dirty. And difficult to get insurance.

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